Why Women Likes Shopping?

Why Women Likes Shopping?
Have you ever wondered why women spend more time around the mall to shop ? Not a few of them like to compare the price of goods you want from one store to another. This is done so that they can get a cheaper price, although the difference is only a few thousand.

According to an article that quoted from the website Mag for Women , women are better shoppers than men.

One reason is that when someone is interested in something, they will try to get it, both women and men. We all probably know that women like a very time-consuming activity, and here are some theories that will answer the 'why women love to shop than men?'

The buyers, anywhere, of course, are eager to know the best stores that sell items that sell their purposes. One of the reasons why women love shopping is instinct of those who have always wanted to collect something.

Women will always find a place that sells vegetables and fruits. They should identify the different colors and shapes to get the fruit ripe and can be sampled. They need to feel, touch and taste the food they collected.

That's why scientists believe that women need different types of shopping experiences than men. The ladies love the stores that could allow them to touch, feel, and try things they want to buy.

Men have a different way when shopping. They know what they want and their main goal is to get it. Generally, most men do not like the atmosphere of the mall or store. They do not like to spend much time there and do not make shopping as a form of recreation, as many women do.

Activities together with meals do a lot of women in a group, gathering for example. There they can interact socially. By doing so, shopping for women does not only mean buying something they need, but also a form of social interaction.

According to one study, the desire to shop can be divided according to gender criteria. Men showed a much lower interest than women in the shop. Men see shopping as a necessity, while women see it as a fun and recreational activities. Some women also feel proud of the experience after the end of their shopping adventures shopping.

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